MU Origin-VN

MU Origin-VN 1.1.0

Amazing new role playing game

Role playing enthusiasts looking for their next handheld venture need look no further than MU Origin-VN, the latest sprawling saga from Hope Mobile. This breath-taking RPG adventure has been painstakingly designed and realized, with an immersive storyline and richly drawn characters, combined with first rate graphics, a stellar soundtrack and dynamic battles and animations for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Perfect for players looking for an instant getaway, MU Origin-VN is free to download to any Android device, letting players embark on their first adventure immediately.

Any self respecting RPG gamer will be instantly familiar with the groundwork laid out in MU Origin-VN. An epic tale of good versus evil serves as the lynch pin to this engrossing adventure, forcing the player to embark on an epic quest through a majestic fantasy world, populated by heroes, villains and magnificent monsters and magic.

Boasting breath-taking graphics and a 3D rendered environment, even casual gamers will be bowled over by the sheer amount to explore and master in MU Origin.

Looking to play on your own? This game is perfect for capitalizing on your downtime, with a highly rewarding story and innovative combat system to keep your grey matter honed and exercised.

Soar through a heroic solo campaign offline, or join your friends when you're connected to the internet and take on enemy legions and rival guilds to pocket more swag and upgrades to transform your characters into a first rate fighting force.

It's easier to master the world of MU when you're fighting alongside allies, so pick your friends well as you network with thousands of other active players from all over the globe.

RPG enthusiasts looking for the full role playing package will not be disappointed. There's three individual character classes to choose from, including Warrior, Magician and Archer. Each unique class has their own strengths and weaknesses, requiring total dedication and game mastery to train the best fighters and defenders.

Rated PEGI 12, MU Origin is suitable for older children and more mature players, but contains some scenes of violence that mightn't be suitable for younger children. Free to download and play, this game offers in-app purchases and a premium version for ad-free play and perks.

MU Origin-VN


MU Origin-VN 1.1.0

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